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INTERNATIONAL LEASING (export financial leasing with condition of redemption of lease subjects)

Legal entities - non-residents of the Republic of Belarus have the opportunity to use the current export financing mechanisms of all kinds of Belarusian machinery and fixed assets.


Legal entities - non-residents of the Republic of Belarus


Subjects of lease

transport vehicles, agricultural machinery, industrial and manufacturing equipment, other fixed assets produced in the Republic of Belarus

Sellers (suppliers) of lease subjects

manufacturing plants of the Republic of Belarus

Advance payment

from 15 to 40% of lease subject value

Period of lease

from 13 to 60 months (up to 84 months for specific types of equipment)

Currency of payment

US dollar, Euro, Russian rouble


Cost increase


are established individually*

Lease payments

monthly, equal or decreasing

Additional security (in case of necessity)

1) bank guarantee

2) financial guarantee of a legal entity

3) government guarantee

4) guarantee of local government

5) other types of additional security, that meet

JSC "Promagroleasing"

Sources of financing

Resources of the Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus OJSC under the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of 25.08.2006 № 534 “On the promotion of exports of goods (works, services)”

The procedure for determining of remuneration (income) of the lessor - remuneration (income) of the lessor under an international leasing agreement is determined as the difference between the price of the leasing agreement (the sum of all leasing payments and the redemption value) and the investment costs incurred by the lessor to conclusion and execution of agreement.

The amount of leasing payments is agreed in the schedule of lease payments, taking into account the advance payment.

Lease payment consists of lessee’s reimbursement of partial lessor’s investment costs in the period concerned and the amount of the lessor's remuneration (income).

Redemption value - from 1% of the value of the subjects of lease without VAT.

Early redemption is possible in light of legal requirements of the Republic of Belarus, not earlier than 12 months on condition reimbursement of all lessor’s investment costs, related to acquisition and transfer of the subjects of lease, to conclusion and execution of agreement and outstanding amounts of the lessor's remuneration (income) before the date of redemption of the subjects of lease.

* Cost increase of the subjects of lease depends on the following variables:


  • level of country risk of the buyer's state;

  • contract currency;

  • transaction amount;

  • installment / deferred payment period;

  • liquidity of the subject of lease;

  • conditions for acquisition (from the supplier) and financing of the acquisition of subject of lease;

  • terms of delivery and other possible features of the export transaction;

  • business reputation;

  • financial condition;

  • payment discipline of the buyer;

  • type of additional security.



Stages of leasing transaction

Set of documents of the lessee

- funding application form

- application form of a non-resident company of the Republic of Belarus

Scheme of the transaction of export financial leasing