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Leasing subject
vehicles, agricultural machinery, industrial, technological and other property of Belarusian production
from 10% of the property value
Lease term
from 13 to 60 months
Consideration period
15 days

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LLC PROMAGROLEASING-CENTER was founded in 2010 in St. Petersburg (Russian Federation). The Company is a subsidiary of OJSC Promagroleasing (100% in the authorized capital).The main activities of the company are the provision services of leasing and installment sale of equipment of Belarusian producers.


 The company works in the market of the Russian Federation with public and private enterprises, municipal settlements, spending and government agency, individual entrepreneurs, and actively cooperates with dealers of Belarusian manufacturers.

LLC PROMAGROLEASING-CENTER has successfully participated in electronic auctions held by municipal and state-financed organizations in the framework of federal laws of the Russian Federation since 2015.

LLC PROMAGROLEASING-CENTER is included in the list of non-resident leasing companies of the Republic of Belarus that are compensated for leasing payments under Presidential decree of the Republic of Belarus of September 24, 2009 No. 466 "About some measures for sales of goods made in the Republic of Belarus" through selling Belarusian goods production on the terms of financial leasing to residents of the Russian Federation, which allows the company to offer customers favorable terms of cooperation.

In the years of business activities the company has managed to gain a high business reputation, form a high-quality portfolio of contracts and receive a number of reviews and appreciate from customers and partners.

Basic leasing conditions:


Geographic reach

the whole territory of the Russian Federation

Type of transaction


Subjects of lease

transport vehicles, agricultural machinery, industrial and manufacturing equipment, other fixed assets produced in the Republic of Belarus (taking into account nomenclature by Decree No. 466)

Amount of transaction

from 10 million rubles

Period of lease

from 13 to 60 month

Advance payment

from 10% of lease subject value

Average annual rise in price

from 3.5% (depends on financial standing of the lessee/buyer; period of lease and structure of transaction)

Currency of payment


Asset holder

lessee or lessor

Lease payments

monthly, equal 


provided by the lessor or lessee



Fill out an application for leasing, and we will call you back shortly

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