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How is it profitable to buy a truck for leasing?

The need for increasing the fleet of transport exists for almost every enterprise. This development of activities is quite normal, but with a lack of funds, the task becomes rather difficult. To postpone buying "for later" is not the most wise decision, because it will lead to a slowdown in the pace of enterprise development and a loss of financial opportunities. The optimal solution in this situation will be the purchase of trucks in leasing.

Service advantages

The most important and significant advantage of this form of acquiring equipment is the possibility of rapid development of the company and cost savings. When you lease trucks in Minsk, you can save money on taxable profits, since such expenses are included in the company's expense item, and also use the accelerated depreciation tool.

In addition, a significant number of problems will be solved by representatives of the leasing company. 

If you decide to purchase a truck for leasing, you will only need to provide it with work and make payments according to the contract.

After the full repayment of lease payments, the equipment is transferred to the customer at a residual value (from 1%).

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Leasing programs
Leasing subject
transport vehicles, agricultural machinery, industrial and manufacturing equipment, other fixed assets produced in the Republic of Belarus
from 15 % of machinery/equipment value
Export Support
Legal entities - non-residents of the Republic of Belarus have the opportunity to use the existing mechanisms for financing the export of all types of equipment and fixed assets of domestic production.