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Special machinery

Special equipment for leasing on favorable terms

For many construction companies and private entrepreneurs to take the excavator in leasing is the most acceptable option. During the time when the old technology is working, the company can already pay off the payment and get a new car without a significant overpayment.

A construction excavator for leasing is the acquisition of new equipment without a loan application. The renovation of the technopark will increase the productivity of works and save on fuel and lubricants and spare parts. Today leasing of special equipment requires the registration of a minimum package of documents and is available both for legal entities and individuals.

Service advantages

Construction companies, engaged in the production of cable laying, installation of sewerage systems and water supply, rendering housing and communal services, are unprofitable to hire workers for digging trenches, as this service is expensive, and productivity is not comparable with the work of machinery. Take a mini excavator in leasing will be the most reliable option. The technology has an affordable price and will quickly pay off.

If the company is engaged in the sale and processing of timber, and the technopark is obsolete and will soon be out of order and expensive repairs will be required, it is possible to buy a timber carrier in leasing for money postponed for future repair operations and purchase of spare parts. Using a new timber carrier it is possible to increase the productivity of the production due to the high cross-country ability and a new system of hydraulic loading equipment. At the time of complete failure of the old equipment, leasing will be extinguished, and new cars will leave the line.

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Leasing programs
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transport vehicles, agricultural machinery, industrial and manufacturing equipment, other fixed assets produced in the Republic of Belarus
from 15 % of machinery/equipment value
Export Support
Legal entities - non-residents of the Republic of Belarus have the opportunity to use the existing mechanisms for financing the export of all types of equipment and fixed assets of domestic production.