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Leasing of industrial equipment

The opportunity to buy a machine in leasing is an effective and practical solution for creating new production and updating existing facilities. The customer is given the opportunity to receive the equipment immediately, without the need for long waiting times.

Service advantages

The pledge is the equipment itself, and therefore the provision of guarantees or other documents may not be required (depending on the financial condition of the lessee).

The acquisition of equipment in leasing allows you to reduce the taxable amount of income.

Thus, equipment leasing in Minsk is a very practical and convenient solution for business and rapid growth of the company. We can say with certainty that the design of industrial equipment for leasing is a much more profitable, convenient and practical solution than the design of a bank loan.

When deciding to buy equipment for leasing, it is worthwhile to cooperate only with a company of professionals.

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Leasing programs
Leasing subject
transport vehicles, agricultural machinery, industrial and manufacturing equipment, other fixed assets produced in the Republic of Belarus
from 15 % of machinery/equipment value
Export Support
Legal entities - non-residents of the Republic of Belarus have the opportunity to use the existing mechanisms for financing the export of all types of equipment and fixed assets of domestic production.