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Agricultural machinery

Leasing in the modern market system

Enterprises and organizations of any sphere of production in their professional activities can not do without different techniques. The price of new equipment and equipment is quite high. Buy equipment immediately and pay the price can not all. Some are forced to use an expensive short-term lease or purchase equipment that was previously in use. The way out of the current situation may be the purchase of a combine, a forklift, a MTZ tractor and any other agricultural machinery in leasing.

Service advantages

JSC "Promagroleasing" is a leader in the design of leasing services in the Republic of Belarus and in most of the post-Soviet countries. The company exists on the market for leasing services for more than 15 years and has already demonstrated itself on the good side in the sale of agricultural machinery under leasing agreements both in Belarus and other countries, including foreign countries. Now there are two subsidiaries operating in the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

JSC "Promagroleasing" sells equipment for leasing to Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Canada, the Czech Republic in compliance with the terms of international leasing and payment of agricultural and industrial equipment by Belarusian plants OJCS "Gomselmash", OJCS "Bobruiskselmash", OJSC "Managing company holding "Lidselmash", OJSC" MTW ", OJCS "Lidagroprommash", OJSC “Bobruiskagromash” and other domestic producers.

For organizations that are not included in the list of residents of the Republic of Belarus, it is also not a problem to buy a tractor for leasing in Belarus.

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Leasing programs
Leasing subject
transport vehicles, agricultural machinery, industrial and manufacturing equipment, other fixed assets produced in the Republic of Belarus
from 15 % of machinery/equipment value
Export Support
Legal entities - non-residents of the Republic of Belarus have the opportunity to use the existing mechanisms for financing the export of all types of equipment and fixed assets of domestic production.