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The Star ball – 2019

26th December 2019 the football season closing festive ceremony «The Star ball – 2019» was held in a sports and entertainment complex Falcon Club, on which the results of the football year were summed up.

Representatives of clubs of all Belorussian leagues, members of the Executive Committee of the Association «The Football Federation of Belarus», sponsors and partners, and the Belarussian football veterans took part in this ceremony.

During the ceremony a Director General of ОJSC «Promagroleasing» welcomed participants and guests of the ceremony and presented the award in the nomination «People's Choice Award» to the Brest club «Dinamo» - where the average attendance of their games was more than 8.8 thousand people.

Greetings of Sukhikh Oleg Veniaminovich, the Director General:

«Dear friends!

From the company ОJSC «Promagroleasing» and from myself, I warmly welcome the organizers, participants and guests of the football season closing festive ceremony «The Star ball – 2019».

I am very pleased to be among people, who are completely surrender to this sport, on this holiday for Belarussian football today.

I want to note, that he first football matches in Belarus took place in the summer of 1911.

More than a hundred years have passed since that time, and a football is not just one of the most mass and popular sports in our country, but one of the most favorite sports.

This year we have become witnesses of a beautiful football goals, a memorable and unexpected victories, as the Brest club «Dinamo» won gold medals of the Belarussian football championship, it's a young and ambitious team, which could be able to compete with Belarussian football leaders, bring bright and memorable emotions to all fans and lovers of this sport.

Their victory proved once again that dreams come true.

From the friendly team of ОJSC «Promagroleasing» and from myself, I wish an exciting matches and new victories to all football clubs of our country and unforgettable impressions to fans.

Good luck, success and prosperity to you and your loved ones! »

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