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GO «Belarusian Railway»

About the company: GO "Belarusian Railway" is the leader of the national transportation system. It is one of the most important transport complexes of the country, successfully developing at the moment. The main objectives of the Lessee's activities are to meet the needs of the state, legal entities and individuals in rail transportation, work and services provided by the Belarusian Railway.

Objective: The acquisition of leasing items is aimed at updating the fleet of the Belarusian Railways and ensuring an uninterrupted transportation process with rolling stock.

Design solution: The Lessee worked out various schemes for financing the project. Financial lease (leasing) was chosen as the most effective financing tool.

In view of the Lessee's high need for the subject of leasing, the employees of Promagroleasing OJSC structured the project in order to reduce the time for its implementation, the Lessee's costs and remove some of the organizational issues from the Lessee.

Result: In the course of the successful implementation of the project, the leased items were transferred to the Lessee ahead of schedule, which, in turn, made it possible to increase the volume of services provided by the Lessee.