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About company

Mission and Objectives, Company History


We develop businesses and improve people's lives by providing efficient solutions.

Strategic objectives of the Company's activities:

  • Regarding clients – building long-term and reliable relationships, achieving maximum customer satisfaction by providing opportunities for expanding and upgrading their production and technical base.
  • Regarding shareholders – generating profit and ensuring dividend payments, increasing the market value of the Company, strengthening positions in the leasing services market, and enhancing the recognition of the Company's trademark throughout the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
  • Regarding employees – creating conditions for career and professional growth in accordance with the contribution of each individual, promoting the development of employees' competencies, unleashing their intellectual potential, ensuring a decent level of remuneration and social security for employees.
  • Regarding partners – establishing effective joint work, ensuring mutually beneficial cooperation in joint projects, and contributing to the development of their businesses and expansion of their customer base.
  • Regarding the state – supporting the national economy through active participation in the implementation of state programs, developing support programs for economic entities in priority sectors through leasing mechanisms.

Corporate values:

  1. Loyalty and respect.
  2. Responsible approach to business.
  3. Efficiency and professionalism.
  4. Continuous development.

Our history