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About company

Mission and Objectives, Company History


                          We are making the machinery available.

Company's objectives:

The Company's  goals in relation to shareholders – receiving a profit and creating conditions for the sustainable development of the Company.

The Company's  goal in relation to the government – support of the national economy through the leasing development.

The Company's  goals in relation to investors and loan institution – attracting both borrowed funds and investments to the Company's  authorized fund in order to expand financial resources for the purpose of company’s activities.

The Company's  goals in relation to strategic partners – ensuring  joint effective work in promoting of  manufacturers'  goods and services.

The Company’s goal in relation to competitors – maintenance the leading position in the rating of leasing companies of the Republic of Belarus.

The Company's goals in relation to lessees – achievement the maximum satisfaction of lessees with the quality of the Company's financial services, and also increasing opportunities for technical  re-equipment.

The Company's  goals in relation to employees – ensuring the effective management of elements of material and non-material motivation of employees, attracting, retention  and stimulation of рersonnel, whose qualifications and efficiency contribute to the achievement of the strategic goals of company’s development, promotion of career growth and development of employees' competencies.

Our history