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Promagroleasing OJSC turned 19 years!

November 6, 2020 Promagroleasing OJSC turned 19 years. For all these years, the Company has passed different steps of its development and implemented many projects of economic and social importance has become a brand, recognized not only in Belarus but also abroad.

At present Promagroleasing OJSC sets as its goal keeping in pace with the leasing market of Belarus, striving never to stop searching for new solutions, that will meet the client’s requirements as well as to maintain integrity of business reputation, providing services of the highest level quality.

For over 5 years Promagroleasing OJSC holds first positions in the rating list of leasing companies of the Republic of Belarus. In the year 2018 the Company was prime positioned and awarded the first-degree diploma in «Investment leasing» - «Machinery and equipment» and «Investment leasing» - «Heavy vehicles» segments.

During the years of its work, the Company was authorized to create an effective, functioning mechanism of international leasing conditions to promote the sales of the machinery produced in Belarus for the foreign market under the given conditions.

Also, the Company was authorized to take part in the development forestry program of Belarus for 2011-2015, was involved to implement the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus as of 04.04.2013 № 261 «On financing the Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus» on purchasing silvicultural, harvesting and road repair machinery.

Promagroleasing OJSC took part in implementing the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus as of 06.05.2014 № 207 «On stabilizing economic and financial statement of the separate industrial companies in 2014». Since 2015 the Company carries out the acquisition of machinery and equipment, produced on the territory of EAEU and according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus as of 12.04.2015 № 146 «On financing the purchase of the modern vehicles and equipment» which is ready for the further lease to the legal entities of Belarus.

For the years of its work, Promagroleasing OJSC has transmitted to its counteragents more than 30 thousand units of machinery and equipment valuating more than 1,9 billion USD.

Furthermore, during 2019 the Company launched 4 new leasing programs, that are a unique merchant offer at the leasing market service of Belarus.

Reaching new work results – is the outcome of the common activity of a highly qualified and cohesive team, that is why the issue of developing human potential in the Company is payed special attention to.

Also, it must be noted, that social-corporate responsibility is an integral part of Promagroleasing OJSC business culture, which implements financing of the projects in charitable and sponsorship activity field such as reconstruction of the Church of Holy and Right-believing Alexander Nevsky and the Sacred Voznesensky female convent, also providing help to organize preparation for the II European Games.

Since 2018 Promagroleasing OJSC is a title partner of the Association «Federation of beach soccer».

In 2020 Promagroleasing OJSC continues its work, aimed to provide an effective activity for the Company to promote Belarusian machinery and leasing service at the market of the Republic of Belarus as well as to the international market, providing a high-quality leasing service, keeping prime positions at the leasing market.

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